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"Call for Testimonials and Call for Trainers

We are soon launching two calls, so keep an eye on our social media channels and website in the upcoming days. These calls will be about: 

A Call for testimonials about experiences of restorative justice (we aim to collect stories from victims, survivors, offenders, their community members, restorative practitioners, and justice service personnel, with the aim to give public voice and visibility to people who have restorative experiences) 

A Call for trainers to become registered trainers at the EFRJ will be opened in the coming days. To promote high quality restorative justice training practice throughout Europe the EFRJ is establishing a register of competent trainers. In the future when the EFRJ will be contacted to hold a training or when the EFRJ will organise a training, registered members will be asked to propose a training offer for these opportunities, and registered trainers will form the primary pool of trainers that will be selected by the EFRJ to provide these trainings or courses.

20th Anniversary: Jubilee Magazine and REstART Festival 

By the end of the year we will come together (in person or online - depending on the situation) to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the EFRJ. We started to collect articles for the Jubilee Magazine that will be published on this occasion: check to call and share your piece of EFRJ history with us in this publication. As the highlight of the celebrations we are organising the REstART Festival: The Art of Justice, Solidarity and Repair, showcasing art works that reflect or contemplate on restorative justice. This will be also an occasion to collaboratively and creatively think about how to restart our societies and repair the harms we collectively experienced during the Covid-19 crisis. Save the date for this event: 1 - 5 December 2020. The live venue will be Leuven, but we plan several events and activities that will take place online. We are looking forward to engaging you in this experience in person or online!

Winter Academy in December

This year the EFRJ will launch its first Winter Academy: a first step toward a developing restorative curriculum! The Academy includes 3 parallel training sessions (including an introduction to restorative justice) and 2 seminars. They will take place in Leuven, the same week as the REstART Festival: 1- 5 December 2020, so participants can take part in both events. More information about this will come soon."

"Updates from the EFRJ-Team" vom 24.04.2020



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